Beint í efni

The Icelandic Farmers Association
Borgartún 25
105 Reykjavík

Tel: 00-354-563-0300

General manager: Vigdís Häsler -
Chairman: Gunnar Þorgeirsson -


Useful information:

Visit a farm in Iceland
Open Farms project is an opportunity to visit farms and get familiar with the work done in rural Iceland. Info:

Disease control and prevention

Icelandic livestock are exceptionally healthy and infectious diseases are rare. Visitors who have recently been around livestock in other countries should note that diseases can be carried between countries. None is allowed inside livestock facilities for the first 48 hours since entering the country. Use protective clothing where needed.

Iceland Lamb - official website of the Icelandic Lamb marketing board

Our members, volunteers, and donors are the fuel that power this organization. We can use free survey templates to constantly keep in touch with them, understand their expectations and work towards their satisfaction with this simple yet robust tool.