Beint í efni

We condemn all ill treatment of animals


Regarding the video “Iceland - Land of the 5000 blood mares” made by AWF/TBS (ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION / TIERSCHUTZBUND ZURICH): The Horse Breeders Association of Iceland condemns all ill treatment of animals. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority which oversees the operation, has referred an investigation on the alleged ill treatment of blood harvesting mares, which was revealed in the aforementioned video, to the police. In December 2021, a taskforce was appointed by the Minister of Food, Fisheries, and Agriculture, to examine all aspects of the case. Following this review, a decision will be made on the future of this farming, and Parliament will decide whether this will be banned. The board of the Horse Breeders Association submits comments to the committee and the public will also be given the opportunity to comment on the group's work and proposals on the Government's Consultation Portal when they are available. The group is due to submit its proposals to the minister before June 1st, 2022.